Merak Jewelry offers unique pieces that are handcrafted & carefully curated. MJ  specializes in combining beautiful gemstone beads with quality charms and chains to make special pieces that showcase people’s styles and personalities. MJ likes to represent people and their unique interests which is why many of its pieces contain particular symbols, themes, initials and more.

Merak Jewelry is a brand that aims to have a style of laid back elegance and it aims to provide an amazing experience to its customers from the moment they open their packages. Merak stands for “the feeling of bliss and the sense of oneness with the universe that comes from the simplest of pleasures” and that is exactly what it wants its wearers to feel when styling its pieces. MJ will make you feel happy, put together, fashionable and unique.

Owning an MJ piece is a simple life pleasure that brings joy to its wearer. It is something everyone should be able to experience.

We hope you love the pieces from Merak Jewelry as much as we do and that you become part of our little family.